Firstunion, plans forward-looking layout of vaporization in great health fields, vigorously expands new vaping technology

Firstunion has always adhered to the corporate mission of " Better Vaping Technology, Better Tomorrow", thus, we plan forward-looking layout of great-health vaporization research and pioneer the development of new herbal vaporization products. Based on Institute of Advanced Technology, we’ve established ultrasonic vaping technology platform and developed a variety of vaporization products for great health field. At the same time, by following the theory of “medicine and food homology”, we’ve developed a variety of herbal and functional vaporized herbal liquids. In addition, Firstunion’s institute of Great Health Life Sciences cooperates with a number of national scientific research institutes for in-depth research of the advanced vaporization theory and products’ functions & effects. With the help of advanced experimental equipment, we’ve realized the safety inspection of great health vaporization products.


8 core competitiveness of Firstunion’s great health platform

 Institute of Great Health Life Sciences

 A new platform for great health vaporization technology

 Mature and complete product line

 Reliability and safety testing center

 Comprehensive strategy and protection of intellectual property rights

 A number of national scientific research institute partners

 GMP dust-free facilities and automatic production line

 One-stop service such as product design\supply chain\manufacturing


Firstunion is committed to providing consumers with a brand-new health experience as well as one-stop and comprehensive services such as vaporization technology, product solutions, and manufacturing for corporate customers in the field of great health. We sincerely invite partners with a common vision to go hand in hand and complement each other's advantages to build a brilliant great health industry. (For business cooperation & consultation: +86 18589093015)

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