Firstunion, plans forward-looking layout of vaporization in great health fields, vigorously expands new vaping technology

Firstunion has always adhered to the corporate mission of " Better Vaping Technology, Better Tomorrow", thus, we plan forward-looking layout of great-health vaporization research and pioneer the development of new herbal vaporization products. Based on Institute of Advanced Technology, we’ve established ultrasonic vaping technology platform and developed a variety of vaporization products for great health field. At the same time, by following the theory of “medicine and food homology”, we’ve developed a variety of herbal and functional vaporized herbal liquids. In addition, Firstunion’s institute of Great Health Life Sciences cooperates with a number of national scientific research institutes for in-depth research of the advanced vaporization theory and products’ functions & effects. With the help of advanced experimental equipment, we’ve realized the safety inspection of great health vaporization products.

8 core competitiveness of Firstunion’s great health platform企业微信截图_1672216057145.png

 Institute of Great Health Life Sciences

 A new platform for great health vaporization technology

 Mature and complete product line

 Reliability and safety testing center

 Comprehensive strategy and protection of intellectual property rights

 A number of national scientific research institute partners

 GMP dust-free facilities and automatic production line

 One-stop service such as product design\supply chain\manufacturing


Innovation technology

Herbal extract & Atomization technology


Contains dozens of natural precious herbal essences.


Herbal Atomizer

Using modern biotechnology, the formula refers to the theoretical knowledge of ancient prescriptions and modern Chinese medicine, and follows the principle of homology of medicine and food to carry out improved research and development.

The laboratory R&D team overcomes multiple technical problems. Under the condition that the effect remains unchanged, a formula that can maintain the medicinal properties of the raw material after a series of processes is formulated. Finally, a variety of selected Chinese herbs are extracted to develop a variety of flavors with different flavors. Pure botanical herbal liquid with auxiliary functions.

Contains dozens of precious natural herbal essences企业微信截图_167221611932.png

  • Golden Cherry Blossoms (Function: Detoxification)

  • Ginger (Function: Keep calm)

  • Mint (Function: Refreshing)

  • Tangerine peel (Function: Relieve cough and phlegm)

  • Ginseng (Function: Nourishes the spleen and kidney)


Efficacy E-liquid 

lSleep aid (Function: Soothe the nerves and help sleep, clear away heat and reduce fire)

lSober up (Function: Soothing liver and detoxification, hangover and sobering up)

lSoothe the throat (Function: mouth ulcers, sore throat)

lFresh breath (Function: Fresh breath, antibacterial)


Firstunion is committed to providing consumers with a brand-new health experience as well as one-stop and comprehensive services such as vaporization technology, product solutions, and manufacturing for corporate customers in the field of great health. We sincerely invite partners with a common vision to go hand in hand and complement each other's advantages to build a brilliant great health industry. (For business cooperation & consultation: +86 185 6669 8698)

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