Firstunion Technology award 2021 shenzhen top 500 companies

On October 29, 2021 Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association released the "2021 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises List". Shenzhen Firstunion Technology Co., Ltd. (Firstunion Group) relies on continuously improving corporate strength and stable performance development, honored on the list, ranked 385th. 


The list is based on the production and operation indicators of the participating companies as the main data. It comprehensively, systematically and truly reflects the status, achievements and future development advantages of Shenzhen enterprises. It is an authoritative list for measuring the development status of Shenzhen enterprises.

Firstunion Group has always adhered to technological innovation and maintained a long-term R&D investment intensity of more than 10%. As the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in the industry, Firstunion Group has established a relatively complete internal technological innovation system and intellectual property protection system. Core innovation research and development departments such as the Basic Science Research Institute, Technology Center, Innovation Design Center, Technology Industrialization Center, Standard Development and Scientific Compliance Center, and Intellectual Property Operation Center have been established. Firstunion Technology has applied for more than 2,600 patents worldwide, of which 1,663 have been authorized (1,042 domestically authorized, 621 overseas authorized), and the number of patents is among the best in the industry.

This time being listed on the “2021 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises” represents the industry’s full affirmation of Firstunion Group’s development achievements, as well as further confirmation of Firstunion’s good brand image and huge corporate development potential, showing the company’s broad prospects.

In the future, Firstunion will continue to uphold the corporate vision of "Better vaping technology, better tomorrow", continuously improve the core competitiveness of the company, further promote the high-quality development of the company, continue to innovate in vaping technology, and take the lead in the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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