World declaration on public health and safety of E-cigarettes

As the electronic cigarette industry associations and enterprises, we should not only provide the most technologically advanced vaping products that ensure consumers the best experience possible, but also take on the responsibility to improve public health and the safety of electronic cigarettes.


We recognize that the health and safety of users is the most fundamental driving force for the development of a responsible e-cigarette industry. It is our goal to strengthen the research and development processes with a key focus on product safety, implement robust monitoring during the production process, improve product quality testing, encourage responsible marketing practices, so as to make e-cigarettes healthier and safer. Restricting access to and use of e-cigarettes by minors is our top priority.


For the sustainable, healthy and prosperous development of human beings, we have reached a consensus that we will plan to build a world E-Cigarette alliance that would help formulate common international rules, share best practices and create a platform for cooperation and scientific research. We believe this cooperation will allow us to manufacture higher quality products based on the latest scientific research and establish a more stable marketplace. We call on all organizations and individuals across the industry to participate in this e-cigarette public health and safety initiative.

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