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      Electronic cigarette medical atomization technology low temperature smoke technology integrated intelligent manufacturing
    Group profile
    Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Shenzhen,  Firstunion Group is the first national-level high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic atomization in the world. With the new health industry and electronic atomization technology as the core, the group has created an electronic atomization industry ecosystem covering basic scientific research, cutting-edge technology development, product planning and design, high-end intelligent atomization products, core parts (atomization core) R&D and manufacturing, and after-market services, focusing on building a development strategy of human-atomization and healthy life.
    3+N +1 research strategy
    Since its establishment, Firstunion Group has firmly built its own atomization system. According to the "3+N+1" model, it implements the R&D layout for all aspects of R&D investment in the field of electronic atomization, and takes the three research institutes of Great Health life science, basic science and product platform as the core for the underlying research of forward-looking technologies. Coordinate the cooperation and function of multiple departments such as product application research and development, industrial design, intellectual property, standard compliance, etc., and set up several top R&D laboratories overseas in Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles, United States, Swansea, UK, etc., to complete the development and verification of products. In addition, the R&D results are repeatedly optimized according to the sensory experience of customers and users, so as to achieve a perfect cycle of underlying technology + product application. Now we have developed four technology platforms of "nicotine atomization, heating without combustion, medical atomization and functional substance atomization". Dozens of products are under research, covering all atomization products in the big health field such as change-over, disposable, open, HNB, CBD and functional substitutes.
    Green Smart Manufacturing System (FUMS)
    In response to the strategic call of industrial service to the country, Firstunion Group has set up 6 production bases in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Chongqing and overseas and other key areas, implementing the concept of "lean production". After nearly 20 years of precipitation and exploration,  Firstunion Group has created the most cost-effective "Firstunion Green Intelligent Manufacturing System" (FUMS) in the electronic atomization industry, leading the rapid and healthy development of the industry.
    Embryonic stage
    • China's first export of e-cigarettes to overseas markets
    • Firstunionen Group was established in Shenzhen
    Growth stage
    • SAP, MES, PLM and OA systems are introduced to comprehensively improve digital productivity
    • Become JTI strategic cooperative supplier, set up large tobacco manufacturers customized workshop
    • The establishment of GMP workshop, the world's advanced 100 thousand grade dust-free workshop put into use
    • Set up automation equipment research and development center
    • Establish HNB product R&D team
    • The production area has exceeded 30,000 square meters. The number of employees exceeded 3,500
    • Passed the ISO 9000 system certification
    • Establish the brand "Kangcheng Yipin" for the domestic market
    Sphenoid stage
    • The Research Institute of Frontier Technology was established, which consists of basic Research Institute and Product Research Institute
    • A joint laboratory was established with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • Won the National high-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Industrial Design Center, Baoan District Top 100 Innovation Enterprise, Baoan District intellectual property advantage enterprise
    • Through the national two integration management system certification
    • Shenzhen Industrial Design Center, Shenzhen intellectual property advantage Enterprise
    • Selected Baoan District five categories of top 100 enterprises
    • Awarded as a national high-tech enterprise
    • Established Vaptio, an international brand, and established overseas offices
    • Shenzhen Xiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established to start the development of ultrasonic atomizer
    • Started to provide HNB research services for Chinese tobacco

    • 首款搭载绕丝陶瓷导液雾化技术maxcore产品CF10面世
    • 首款搭载创新不炸油棉芯V平台产品FU0
    • 发布上雾化创新平台
    • 首篇SCI研究论文“Evaluation of the inhalation toxicity of arecoline benzoate aerosol in rats”发表
    • 累积专利申请突破3000项
    • blu2.0产品在法国首发,成为全球首款烟草商产品与供应商品牌联合运作项目,并实现PURLAVA在产品及外包装上的品牌露出
    • 获评深圳知名品牌
    • 成为PMI战略合作供应商
    • 与河南中医药大学、中科院苏州纳米所合作成立“华景汉方”品牌,专注于开发微中药纳米雾化器产品

    • The establishment of a major health life Science Research Institute
    • To establish the "United Yuen Group-Thermo Fisher Joint Laboratory", the most influential exclusive joint laboratory in the field of electronic atomization
    • Obtained the CTF laboratory qualification of European technology Group, becoming the first laboratory in the world to obtain CTF approval in the field of electronic atomization
    • Founded maxcore, a high-end inhalation medical atomization technology brand
    • Release Heating Smoke ROD X Heating Body (ATINE)
    • AirGo, the first ceramic heating product to carry Lava Mini, was awarded the German Red Dot Award
    • F5123 is the first heating tobacco product equipped with innovative infrared heating technology "Breelight"
    • One of China's top 100 PCT International Patent Applications and Shenzhen's Top 500 enterprises
    • Founded the disposable cigarette brand Beco
    • Become a strategic supplier of Imperial Tobacco and jointly develop the blu2.0 project
    • Become the strategic partner of BAT R&D
    • WTDP Laboratory qualification granted by UL
    • PURLAVA ceramic atomizing core was released, and the first product YM06 was launched
    • It passed the FDA on-site audit and became the first Chinese manufacturer to pass the two-round audit of PMTA
    • 获得NEMKO目击实验室认证
    • 国家知识产权优势企业
    • 发布加热烟INS HEAT电磁发热体
    • 中山阜沙生产基地建设启动,越南海阳生产地块购买
    • Obtained CNAS laboratory certification
    • Vaptio won the German IF Award
    • Become a strategic cooperative supplier of BAT
    • Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, postdoctoral Innovation Practice base