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    Research and development and production review

    As the world's earliest enterprise focusing on electronic atomization, after nearly 20 years of development, Firstunion Group based on profound industry accumulation and scientific research rules of electronic atomization,
    A set of "1+X+2" electronic atomization production and research integration system has been established to comprehensively enable the development and production of electronic atomization products from the upper, 

    middle and lower reaches of industrial development.

    Forward-looking basic research and development platform

    "1" is a forward-looking basic research and development platform based on the three research institutes of Great Health Life Science, Basic Science and Product platform, which is a forward-looking exploration and research of basic science and future technology in the field of electronic atomization.

    Work closely with multiple departments
    Based on the basic research results, laws and policies, and the actual needs of customers, the Standard Development and scientific Compliance Center, product planning center, innovation design and experience research center, property rights management Center, Quality assurance and delivery center, and the establishment of a special business division for customers and other "X" departments of the company work closely together to ensure the safety, compliance and sustainable development of the business.
    Two-way construction production strateg
    Through long-term strategic cooperation with the world's top tobacco manufacturers and emerging electronic atomization enterprises, Firstunion has established the scientific production line of automated R&D and production support center at the same time, and established the production strategy of two-way construction of domestic and overseas production bases in combination with domestic and foreign policies and regulations.
    Atomizing system
    Basic research
    The three research institutes of Great Health Life Science, Basic Science and Product Platform are deeply engaged in the basic science and technology research of electronic atomization, covering atomization technology, heating technology, electronic liquefaction-development, functional substances, sensory research and mechanical and electronic hardware research. In addition, with chemical, physical and biological experiments, to ensure the feasibility and safety of the research program.
    Product planning
    Based on market research, the product planning team of Firstunionen makes an in-depth assessment of product demand and management, transforms concepts with R&D, design, product, production automation and testing, and finally carries out mass production and delivery of products based on the adoption of proposals.
    Firstunionen takes the lead in building an innovative design team in the industry, bringing together the top industrial design elites and color design elites in the industry. Based on the user-centered design concept, explore business design opportunities by exploring the dimensions of market, users and usage scenarios. Deeply involved in the whole process of product development, providing end-to-end design services for customers under the guidance of terminal requirements.
    Patent layout
    Firstunionen attaches great importance to the forward-looking patent layout of electronic atomization. As of November 2022, a total of 3,307 patents have been distributed. Among them, 39 patents related to ultrasonic atomization, 68 patents related to automated production, 857 patents related to HNB, 1,800 patents related to heating atomization, and 543 patents related to design.
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    Ultrasonic atomization patent
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    HNB patent
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    Heating atomization patent
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    Design patent
  • laboratory
    As the first enterprise in the industry to set up an experimental system according to ISO17025 approved standards, the experimental team of Firstunionen Group deeply participated in and enabled the development and commercialization of atomizing products from early product planning, middle product development and verification, and later mass production and maintenance. In addition, the R&D team has set up the industry's top laboratories in China, Toronto, Los Angeles, Swansea and many other locations at home and abroad. To help the field of electronic atomization to carry out sustainable, forward-looking research and testing work in accordance with local standards worldwide.
    Intelligent manufacturing
    Syntron has built a high quality automation research and development team, integrating the current advanced control technology, integrated robot, intelligent instrument, intelligent sensing technology, visual inspection system, network information technology, equipped with flexible automation equipment, realizing the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, so that it has a flexible, intelligent, digital, networked production mode. Escort the production and manufacturing, so that production is more efficient, quality is more stable, delivery is guaranteed.
    Quality control and compliance
    After planning and implementation, Firstunionen Group has passed the full set of quality management system including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, QC080000 and c-GMP through the audit and certification of the third party international audit organization. In the process of operation, To ensure the effective operation of the whole quality management system through regular internal audit, annual audit of third party international institutions and irregular audit of well-known international and domestic major customers.

    The product compliance team of Firstunionen has conducted in-depth research on global regulations, and conducted in-depth research, planning and layout on product biochemical safety, electrical safety, structural safety and public health risks. By forming strategic partnerships with companies with the highest safety standards in the industry, we have further demonstrated our ability to control product compliance. Heyuan Group has a full range of product declaration services, including PMTA in the United States, TPD in the European Union, national standard product declaration in China and medical device declaration.