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      Electronic cigarette medical atomization technology low temperature smoke technology integrated intelligent manufacturing
    It's made for taste
    New generation of ceramic safety atomizing core solutions

    Based on the atomizing mechanism of the bottom layer, the preparation technology of atomizing core and the design concept of

    atomizing platform are combined more than 800 days devoted to research, more than 20,000 times of analysis and experiments,

    the fifth generation of technological innovation.

  • 800days

    Do intensive research

  • 20000times

    Analysis and experiment

  • 5th

    Technological innovation

  • New generation of ceramic safety atomizing core solutions
    PURLAVA atomizing core technology, double Omega airway technology, gas-liquid separation technology, condensate management technology.
  • Fired at 1200℃

  • 2.4 times the oil supply area

  • 100 million micropores are evenly distributed

  • 35% oil transfer speed increase

  • It's made for taste
    In gas safety, taste fullness, structural protection and other aspects of the world's top level,
    Bring users a sense of satisfaction and unparalleled experience.
  • Structural protection

  • Gas safety

  • Mouthfeel fullness

  • · H-form exclusive structure patent
    · Food grade ceramics harmless to human body
    , exclusive Ω heat wire technology | | heat deformation resistance high heating efficiency
    · Custom ceramic aperture, the best taste of smoke oil
    · Regular shape, easy to automate production
    Third generation double Omega airway
    Through unique airway design, aerosols are unobstructed, significantly improving suction smoothness and reducing condensate generation.
    Gas-liquid separation technology
    The air flow passes through the 100μm class micro channel to balance the negative pressure of the fume tank.
    At the same time block the leakage of smoke oil, the whole process to ensure the stability of the flow of smoke oil.
    Condensation management technique
    Carefully designed labyrinth structure, deposit condensate, to ensure that the smoke oil does not leak out.