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      Electronic cigarette medical atomization technology low temperature smoke technology integrated intelligent manufacturing
    MESH core platform

    The atomizing core of MESH core platform has the characteristics of fast oil conduction speed,

    less carbon accumulation, stable heating, easy deformation and stable resistance value.

    The matching oil storage cotton uses the exclusive formula of synyuan, good oil lock, smooth oil guide, high safety

    Uniform heat distribution
    The mesh design has a wider area for heating,
    More even heat distribution, longer lasting smoke performance
  • ·MESH core

  • · Common mesh core

  • Strong taste
    A larger area of heat leads to more robust smoke output,
    Atomized substance flavor transfer better, bring a strong sense of roar;
    Low resistance, output dense steam and rich flavor
    High safety of food grade materials
    Food Grade 316L Stainless Steel material,
    Through strict laboratory testing, safety is guaranteed