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    Authoritative certification Important award Sustainable development Public welfare activities
    Since its establishment, as a world-class electronic atomization equipment manufacturer, Heyuan has passed ISO 9001 (Quality Management system), ISO13485 (Medical device-Quality Management System - Specific Regulatory requirements), ISO14001 (environmental management system), ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), QC080000 (Hazardous Substances Process Quality Management System), cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice (Medical Device Quality System Regulations)) and FDA multiple certifications and audits, from raw material supply, assembly, testing, packaging to warehousing and distribution of the entire process are in line with international standards.
    ISO 9001
    ISO 13485
    ISO 14001
    ISO 45001
    QC 080000
    FDA Multiple Certification + Review
    FDA Multiple Certification + Review
    International Awards
    German IF Design Award
    German Red Dot Design Award
    UL laboratory qualification and capability certification
    National Awards
    National high-tech enterprises
    China Excellent Industrial Design Award (shortlisted)
    China Enterprise Credit Rating (AAA)
    Industry Awards
    Enterprise credit rating AAA credit enterprise
    CNAS National accredited Laboratory
    The inaugural LSCAR
    Annual most talked about atomizer Solutions
    Organization-level greenhouse gas management
    Our plants are 100% electrified and more than 95% of our operational level emissions come from electricity use. In the future, we will be "carbon neutral" at the operational level of our plants through the use of green electricity and on-site distributed photovoltaic generation.
    Product-level greenhouse gas management
    More than half of the carbon emissions from our products come from raw material acquisition, so we are actively working with upstream and frontier raw material suppliers to develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly alternatives to existing materials and components.
    Solid waste management
    Through on-site lean management, we strive to reduce the amount of waste and maximize the reuse of packaging materials. For those parts that cannot be reused, we cooperate with third-party waste resource recyclers to try our best to realize the recycling of waste and avoid landfill treatment.
    Stick together through thick and thin
    During the COVID-19 epidemic, he assisted in the construction of poverty alleviation projects in Wuhan and Du 'an Yaoyao Autonomous County, actively undertook social work of enterprises when the heavy rainfall disaster that was the worst in a thousand years occurred in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and assisted in disaster relief and reconstruction during the earthquake in Luding, Sichuan Province. Practice the entrepreneurial concept of Firstunionen Group to develop the industry and return the society with practical actions.
    He who loves is always loved
    Set up Firstunionen Love Fund to help employees and their families with sudden serious illness or financial difficulties, and lead internal employees to continue to participate in a wide range of poverty alleviation, disaster relief, post-disaster reconstruction and public welfare volunteer projects.