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      Electronic cigarette medical atomization technology low temperature smoke technology integrated intelligent manufacturing
    Independent research and development of heating smoke electromagnetic heating te
    Fast preheating
    Independently developed new electromagnetic heating body, using electromagnetic induction heating method,
    Fast preheating speed, fast heat recovery in the suction process,
    The fastest can be 3 seconds preheating, 5 seconds smoke
    Thermal management
    By adjusting the number of turns, height and position of the coil relative to the heating body,
    Achieve precise control of temperature field, uniform temperature field, large range of high temperature region,
    Can meet the performance requirements of different characteristics of cigarettes;
    Authentic taste
    High thermal conductivity, fast heat exchange between cigarettes,
    Cigarette baking full, large amount of smoke, taste close to real smoke;
    High safety performance
    The heating body is made of soft magnetic alloy, good toughness, not easy to break,
    Thoroughly solve the fracture risk of ceramic needle/piece;
    Proprietary technology patent
    With the independent intellectual property rights of Firstunion Group, break through the intellectual property barriers of overseas tobacco giants
    It is highly recognized by domestic and foreign tobacconists