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      Electronic cigarette medical atomization technology low temperature smoke technology integrated intelligent manufacturing
    The latest safe alternative to betel nut
    The joint lab has done a great job of restoring the taste of traditional betel n
    The group was established in conjunction with the Institute of Brain Cognition and Brain Diseases of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    "Joint Laboratory for Research and Development of Non-Addictive Functional Substances",
    His research interests include natural source fragrances, fragrances,
    Development of areca nut substitutes and non-addictive functional substances.
    To provide traditional areca nut harm reduction program
    Published research papers in the SCI journal Applied Toxicology,
    Arecoline salts were evaluated for safety, including in vitro cells
    Laboratory and in vivo animal inhalation toxicology tests;
    International first reported new areca alkali salt, while the areca nut
    Alkali salts should be used in atomized inhalation products.